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l_rabbit's Journal

I'm originally from New York City, born and raised. To me it's rather an impersonal place, despite the tremendous numbers of people living there (or maybe because of them). I think it's ironic that with so many people there, it can be isolating!

Don't get me wrong, New York's an amazing city. I still love and miss it; my roots are there. But I needed the relative safety and peace and quiet of California because I live alone. Especially now that I'm retired, I'm glad I'm out here. I have grown to love California, too.

My (adult) daughter and I are avid Science Fiction & Fantasy fans. We watched Star Trek together since she was an infant (though she couldn't really watch it at first, being too young). She got me interested in Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions when she was in high-school, and I still enjoy them. I like to read Science Fiction and Fantasy books, as well.

We both love Supernatural, I have no TV service right now, so I download episodes and watch them on my computer on weekends. We've watched all the previous seasons on DVD. The series seems to become better and better as it continues. It's really terrific. It's not that I believe in the supernatural, per se. The stories are fascinating and well-written, and the inter-relationships among the characters are great. So is the acting. So I guess that covers all the bases.

I became a fan of Brokeback Mountain a few years ago, and though I'm not a writer of fan-fic, I do like to read and sometimes comment on it. That movie is a masterpiece of art, with a powerful message.